The brewery was first brought to the Historic Dockyard at Chatham as the Flagship Brewery in 1995 where it established a five barrel kit brewing up to 100 firkins a week. All the ales have nautical themed names to gel with the surroundings in which it is brewed.

In 2003 the brewery was bought and renamed the Nelson Brewing Company to fall in line with the most famous naval hero of all time 'Admiral Horatio Nelson' and that his flagship 'The Victory' was built here in Chatham Dockyard.

In July 2006 the brewery was purchased by Piers Macdonald. Piers has over 20 years experience in the brewing industry and is passionate to keep the traditions of Kent brewing alive. Using the best ingredients and the finest Kent hops, combined with the expertise and dedication of his brewing staff, Piers plans to build on the brewery's already growing reputation as the provider of some of the tastiest ales on the market.

Now brewing from a seven and a half barrel kit and regularly having over a dozen ales of various strengths and taste available, the brewery is sure to have a beer to suit all!

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