Nelsons Blood Tasting Notes

ABV:  6.0%
A strong malty ale that has mellow roast tones. Slightly nutty and fruity with a warming aftertaste.Before his death at Trafalgar, Nelson was already a national hero. Trafalgar was the greatest sea battle of all time involving the Spanish, French and British Fleets. Victorious but at the cost of his life Admiral Nelsons body was returned to England for a State Funeral involving a long sea passage. It is believed his body was preserved in a cask of Brandy and the crew during the dark hours crept out and drank from the cask praying they would inherit his traits.
Comes in a choice of:
  • 500ml Bottle
  • 2,4 or 8 Pint Cartons
  • 17pt or 35pt poly Pins
  • 35pt Pin
  • 9 Gallon Firkin
  • 18 Gallon Kiln

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